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Synthesizing the collection of utility usage data

Content ImageWellington Energy, Inc., a subsidiary of Wellington Power Corporation, is helping its utility clients spark a revolution in productivity through the implementation of Automated Meter Reading (AMR) systems for collecting, organizing, and managing electric, gas, and water usage data.  Beyond the labor cost savings associated with the automated collection and processing of usage meter information as digital data, AMR systems support corporate inventory control and resource planning systems for controlling supplies and managing distribution.

Located in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, Wellington Energy provides AMR design and implementation services and is a leader in this emerging field. The management team at Wellington Energy has more experience with AMR installations and retrofit operations than any other service contractor in North America.  With experience in high- and low-power RF solutions, power-line carrier technologies, basic and advanced POTS communication devices, and cellular and packet data systems, Wellington Energy can design, implement, and manage any utility AMR project anywhere on the Continent.

Wellington's next generation SERVAnywhereSM work asset management system is the only fully integrated system created specifically for AMR project planning and scheduling.  This comprehensive approach provides supply chain management, endpoint and network field work order dispatching and completion, global positioning system (GPS) image capture and cataloging, call center management, and inventory control.

Pacific Gas & Electric

Case study imageWellington Energy, Inc. was selected by Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) in California to lead the supply chain, work asset management, meter-module installation, and deployment portions of its $2.2 billion SmartMeter TM program rollout.  PG&E's SmartMeter TM program for automated meter reading is the largest of its kind in North America. Through the SmartMeter TM program, PG&E is upgrading roughly 10 million gas and electric meters across its 70,000-square-mile service territory. The technically advanced SmartMeter TM gas and electric meters enable PG&E to read customer energy use remotely and on a frequent basis - daily for gas and hourly for electric.  By deploying these high-tech meters, Wellington is helping PG&E realize its strategic objective of building a smart energy infrastructure, including a smart electric grid that offers customers greater choice and control over their energy use and enables a greatly expanding role for renewable electric generation - enhancing environmental sustainability while maintaining high levels of electric reliability.